Trump ‘s racism unveiled on Martin Luther Day

Today was in the USA the celebration of the March on Washington, a week-end called “Martin Luther Day”.  Senator John Lewis, an activist of the civic rights, is a survivor of this time, and still now, he is engaged in the defense of black people.

Of course, the opposition between the two men could not be more important: John Lewis said that Trump is unfit to be president, and , on Twitter, Trump insulted the Senator and activist because he is black. He declared these insults on public channels such as CNN, Fox News, and so on…

The reason why he slashes Lewis is evident : Lewis is black ; the racism of  Trump has been put in evidence towards Muslims (the interdiction to enter the USA), towards  Latinos, and towards Mexicans, with his intention to build a Wall between the USA and Mexico. But Blacks  have to defend themselves, too, of Trump: as a remember, the movement “Black Lives Matter” appears as soon as Trump is felt as a threat (photo of the header : a demonstration of Black Lives Matter” in 2014).

His critics of President Obama were attributed  to politics : they are opposed in all points.But in some discourses, we see he does not like the Obama because they are black.

His insults of John Lewis had been quickly put on YouTube , and the reader can find them below.For an American, insulting this man is insulting a surviving  member of the March on Washington(for those who don’t share the ideas of Trump), and the discourse of John Lewis saying that Trump is unfit to be President:

The March on Washington,in 1963,  and especially Martin  Luther’s speech, known as “the Dream Speech”is now , in American history,  an important moment in the fight for civil rights.

From the electoral period to now, Trump has become the happiness of cartoonists; caricatures are numerous, and many refer to his racism .

In the electoral times , the Democratic party was happy to find out that in the South of the land, he had relationships with the KKK.kkk-trump_inside_full_content_

The KKK reappeared in the States of the Civil War in 1984.  Discovering a link between the pro -slaving  movement and  the candidate Trump was published , to discredit the man. However, the populist program gained the battle, with the help of abstention .

Now that Trump is elected President, caricatures  express his racism ; the more cruel we found is one which associates him to Lincoln , as a remember that  President Lincoln was a Republican, too.



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