#FreeNazaninRatcliffe, still jailed

It’s been more than 280 days that Nazanin Ratcliffe, the young British woman, with Iranian origins, was arrested at Tehran airport and jailed, without reasons from the Iranian authorities.She just went to Iran to visit relatives, her grand-father and grand-mother.

I wrote a post on this issue, because I wanted to share the petition created by her husband, Richard Ratcliffe, on  the platform Change.org.The original petition , launched in December, 2014,   had a result in the number of signatures.Shared on social media, it had more and more signatories; as a remember, it was this:


The hashtag  #FreeNazanin went viral on Twitter , to show the solidarity with her family .A photo is linked to the hashtag, giving hours of the Twitter Storm: free-nazanin-january-2nd-2017

On January, 8, an update was posted on the petition , as Nazanin is still imprisoned and her relatives  cannot see her, or have a call .Iran denies all rights to prisoners .The link of the update is:


The photo of the header is that posted in the second petition, the update; every time, the petition  is launched with a photo.This one, a desperate little girl without her mother , is moving.Under the first petition, a happy family, as a remember of a past:free-nazan-ratcliffe-arrested-on-april-3-2016

Even the intervention of the British government seems not to have result, until now;  in despair, the British citizen called for help from the Foreign Office, but his wife is still away, in Iran.Yesterday, as I shared on Twitter the update on the petition,the answer was addressed to everyone to help by one mean or another; this sentence is the answer of the account @ForeignOffice:

Denied family Baby Visit & Not Allowed Any Contact Pls Act

By this post, I try to help, by raising awareness on this case : 280 days jailed, without any contact with her family, whereas she is married and got a child, this is a pure injustice.

But  this injustice is  revelatory  of the Iranian judiciary system.

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