Why I became a supporter of Raif Badawi’s Foundation

In 2015 I started a project for Raif Badawi. I collected over time 100 translations of a phrase of support for him from people all over the world. I wrote about this project already in June 2015 on the website in support of Raif Badawi and also mentioned the project in my earlier post Twitter is great. To mark the anniversary of his flogging […]

via Support for Raif Badawi from around the world — ciluna27’s Blog

I regularly post tweets in favor of Raif Badawi, such as #FreeRaifBadawi.

My main social network is Twitter, and for activism it is marvelous: I use it mainly to defend human rights. The blog of my colleague represents absolutely the admiration I have for a man who dared speak his mind in a country where there is no freedom of speech, especially  relating to Islam.

The land where is situated Mecca has a very rigorous interpretation  of Islam, and I support the views expressed by Raif Badawi, of a liberal Islam. These views can be defended thanks to a citation of the Quran  : “The  Pen is mightier than the Sword”.

Unlike all extremist interpretations , which refer to”the Sword” (and now more violence), the interpretation of the “Pen”is defended in Islam by all  educated individuals , since Averroes (Ibn Rushd): the right to add philosophy to religion is established in this book.

Moreover, the condemnation by Saudi Arabia is contrary to human rights, freedom of expression is recognized by all countries and all conventions .

Actually, the Foundation is based in Canada, a nation which shares, in matter of freedom, the  North-American values; in the USA, the First Amendment guarantees a total free speech; in Canada, freedom is a right, too.

My colleague, in his excellent post, collected many languages,including those which are a minority, such as Catalan; as Corsican , which is spoken only in the Island, was not in the list, I tried today to tweet my support in this language, but I am not sure of the result, so I wrote only #LibertaperRaif.

There is an official campaign for Raif Badawi,who created a site ; I found the link in the post of my colleague,  and, thanks to this link, I engaged in this action; this link is:


Caring is sharing.



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