Documentary on Aleppo awarded in Europe

I am very happy to share this new: a Syrian, who filmed some few days of the shelling of Aleppo, has been awarded for this short movie, by an European jury.

He filmed nine days of the daily life in the bombed  town, now destroyed by Assad’s forces.He was not on the ground, but at home, and filmed what he saw by the window.

The documentary , in Arabic, of course, because it is a testimony of the fought, and the fighters speak in their native language, is subtitled in English, in a yellow which can be read easily.

Europe, after having refused the Syrian refugees, and created a climate of fear of attacks , because they see in this conflict only the IS, is understanding, yet, with this short movie, what is happening in Syria…

It seems almost a miracle: moreover, the film is posted on  YouTube, so it can bee watched by the more important public.I give it below, so the reader can view the film :


Unlike what could think first the viewer, it is not a promotional  video for the movie, or its  trailer: it is the film by itself, named “Nine days in Aleppo”.

The channel “4News” is linked to news of Syria; I discovered it today. Usually, I find my information on Syrian opposition sources; the new of the award was given in a site I read regularly, the Syria Campaign.

This award is merited when we watch the film; in the actual situation in Syria, where bad news are dominant, this good one is a gift .


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