Syrians demonstrate against Assad’s treason

It is known that Assad signed a ceasefire, with his allies; but this one was of FOUR days only.

This violation of the agreement, with the siege of Wadi Barada, a vital neighbor of Damascus, provoked a feeling of treason in Syrians.Once again Assad was their murderer, with the help of  Iran and Russia.

The dictator they wanted  to topple pacifically in 2011, was, once more, killing them with cruelty: the siege of Wadi Barada had consequences for Damascus, which suffered of cuts of water. To hanger, it will add thirstiness.

As water will go to emergency needs, such as hospitals, the rest of the population will dye surely.

Six years of that type of suffering for having wanted basic rights, freedom, equality, social justice, and a Constitution  based on these values: as a remember, President Saleh, in Yemen, resigned some  months after the beginning of the Revolution, in 2011;  Mubarak left the power, and was judged ; in all countries of the so-called “Arab Spring”, leaders of 2011 are no more at the head of the  nation, save in Algeria, with false elections which maintain the generation of the Independence at the power. Of Bahrain and Gulf lands we know very few: they are kingdoms of silence .  Syria is an exception: since March, 15, 2011, Assad uses the more violent and cruel  means to stay at the power.

The Syrian Opposition has his army, and the FSA is the only  protection of Syrians (the White Helmets, true heroes, save the injured ). The FSA fights against Assad and his militias.

As on Friday, 6, after the weekly prayer, Syrians undertook to demonstrate against this hijacking of water by Assad, in the whole country , and especially in Wadi Barada, they counted on this protection.

In effect, as shows the photo of the header, they held the flag of Free Syria, this  of Syrian Revolution; protestors were numerous : water is a vital resource ; Assad ‘s truce violations are murderous( photo of the header under property of the National Coalition of Revolutionary and Opposition Forces).

After Aleppo , which was beyond all we could never imagine, depriving civilians of water is one more path in the genocide.


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