Yemeni War : why Trump will not save the Middle-East

With Trump’s announce of a negotiation  plan about the Yemeni War, between Yemen, Saudi Arabia and the USA, the media are enthusiast ; he even said he will save the  Middle-East of the actual  chaos it is living in: this is what I read today in most papers…

Really? Getting to the facts, the war between Yemen and Saudi Arabia  has been so long and unequal that the UN warmed of a humanitarian crisis: the UNOCHA and the UNICEF are , yet, calling people to donate for Yemeni civilians .One of the poorer countries is weakened by the war led by a rich power, Saudi Arabia: between oil and the  pilgrimage to Mecca, the  kingdom has a wealth which is recognized by Western leaders; unlike this, Yemen is still, in the memory of the public, the territory where Al Qaida was born.

This lack of popularity of Yemen was total, until the humanitarian crisis began; moreover, Trump’s intervention is not that of a salvation ; Americans don’t  recognize the values of the USA in his program , in his discourses, racist, supremacist, dominant.

The “I will save the Middle-East” is of the same type that “Make  America great again”, now  parodied as “Make America White again”.

In reality, Trump, like other US presidents is one of the best providers of weapons to  Saudi Arabia; this selling is one wealth for American trade, and it is necessary to Saudi Arabia; the kingdom can pay them easily.

Facing that, Yemeni have only their patriotism: on Twitter, the account @YemenFightBack tweets regularly with the hashtag #saudidefeat.

The selling of arms to Saudi Arabia by the USA has become unpopular, and a petition was issued , inciting people to protest against this phenomena :

It is not the first petition I signed against the US weaponry in Saudi Arabia. But now, the situation in Yemen got worse: to the bombing of 2016, succeeded , in the first days of 2017, photos and videos  of starving children.

The map of the header is of February, 2016.Between this date and now, we know by  the UNICEF that civilians are at risk.



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