After Aleppo, Wadi Barada?

Aleppo has just fallen, and a “ceasefire” had been signed, that now  the town of Wadi Barada seems to suffer the same destiny.

Yet, the so-called “ceasefire” is broken de fact by all signatories, especially by Russia, the more difficult to engage in peace talks.

With Iran, Russian weaponry and Assad’s forces, Wadi Barada is bombed since the last days of 2016. At the end of December, 2016, the hashtag #SaveWadiBarada appeared  on Twitter.

The second photo is under property of the National Coalition of Revolutionary and Opposition Forces, and was taken on December, 31, 2016.


The first days of 2017 are these of a massacre in this city, according to the  same pattern as in Aleppo.

As the town is not known , unlike Aleppo, I add for the reader that it is a neighbor of Damascus, of vital importance, for water, and for many supplies. At the time I  write these lines, electricity is cut, and, as a consequence, the internet.

Inhabitants cannot protest against the bombing , they cannot express nothing, in those conditions, so today a Twitter Storm was organized , #SaveWadiBarada : on the network, people speak out in their name, to denounce the shelling, the false ceasefire , the hijacking of civilians.

If the city were Damascus, it would be in the media; but the neighbor of Damascus? Nothing.Human beings trapped in a siege, bombed: is the dimension of the town which moves us? Are we still fed up of  Assad’s slaughters, as we read them daily in honest papers?

In effect, what seems to interest the opinion and the media is the Islamic State, since the Berlin  attack; in Syria, despite this, the terrorists are not those who think first.

Against the power of the Three , Assad-Putin-Rouhani, three leaders who don’t hesitate to massacre civilians,  the Army of the Revolution is on the way to free Wadi Barada.When I left Twitter, the FSA, the  Free  Syrian Army was giving breaking news of the city.

I trust the #FSA; today, I tweeted for Wadi Barada: #SaveWadiBarada.





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