#FreeNazanin, jailed in Iran

#FreeNazanin and #Justice4Nazanin were the two hashtags of a Twitter Storm today: the young woman , in effect, is imprisoned  in Iran since now more than two years.

In December 2014, her husband, Richard Ratcliffe, launched a petition on Change.on, calling for her liberation.The woman is Iranian by her origins, she kept relatives in Iran, but she married an English citizen, and she is no more Iranian but British herself: with a work and a baby, she had no reason to be arrested by Iranian authorities.

Yet, she is, at the airport of Tehran : without knowing the reasons, she is conducted to a prison, and when she claims her British nationality, it’s useless: her passport got confiscated. She is treated as an ordinary  Iranian prisoner,and has no access to a lawyer when she asks for one. It gives an idea of what is the police and the justice in Iran.

Under pressure, she is forced to say things that are false, to save her live; unlike this, there is no plot, no political goal  against the regime, no attempt to kill anybody, or things like these: the Iranian “justice” makes use of torture, it’s known.

The real aim to her journey to Iran is to visit her relatives, grand-father and grand-mother, who she didn’t see from the day she left Iran to UK.

Her arrest took place on April, 3nd , 2014; as all negotiations  failed, the petition is launched some months later by her husband; it obtains quickly  numerous signatures: under the link,


he puts a photo of the whole family, such as before the arrest of Nazanin:


This one, emotive , is a supplementary challenge to sign; every person can identify himself  (herself)  to this family.

As time pass,and  the Iranian power is not liberating Nazanin, Iranian and British activists manage a campaign  on social networks.

The  hashtag  #FreeNazanin is active since a while on Twitter, and days of detention are counted to  motivate the opinion.

Iran is in the actuality recently, with the events in Syria and the  role of the Iranian Regime in them, so activists relaunched the campaign in favor of Nazanin.

Iran is a regime of unjustified massacres and jail: this is what human rights activists want to prove.Syria is a proof, Nazanin is a proof.

April 2014 to January 2017: where is justice?




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