Daily Prompt: Hopeful #BestWishes for Syria,Hopeful, Hopeless?

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Today, on social networks, and especially Twitter, the hashtag #happyyear2017 was a message of hope for Syria; hopeful, too, the videos of people holding a  hand-made poster, on which they have written  #IStandWithAleppo. They all finished by declaring that Syrian Revolution will win: so hopeful, after these six years of horrors, suffering, and , by conclusion, genocide.The photo of the header is a tweet of Bana Alabed published by Human Rights Watch on December, 19, 2016: the new shared is hopeful, because the little girl tweets “I escaped from East -Aleppo”.

2017 without all these suffering: I am hopeful, too, that the movement began in 2011 win and establish democracy in the country.On the  31st, we must wish happiness to people we feel close to: I feel  close to this people who wants justice and freedom.

But when I have a precise look to the present events, I am no more hopeful: I would say hopeless, because sieges and bombing continue. Aleppo has fallen but there are other crucial targets.

Can we be hopeful when we read that  the North of Damascus, and Douma, and the neighbor  of Homs, where began  a pacific  Revolution in 2011, are besieged, and bombed at the same time ? No.When I read this, I feel hopeless: it is by this tactic that Aleppo fell.


The media informed me that a ceasefire was concluded between the fighters, and that even Russia signed this agreement: in the papers I have read  negligently, it was the same news, and the same hopeful tone. Some dailies had the honesty to cite their source: SANA, the National Agency, the press of the Baath and of Assad. This diminish  to me the hopeful character of the news. I don’t trust a man who exterminated his people.

What could make me hopeful is the fact that the UN seems not to reject the political plan of the Syrian National Coalition of Revolutionary and Opposition Forces. World leaders want from Syrian Opposition a Transition  Plan: this frame and principles , they have put clearly in form  in 2013. Inside the Coalition, a Transition Government exists yet: hopeful.

An international recognition of these Political Principles:this is  hopeful, too.

But what is hopeless is the situation of encircled  cities and areas; it is, too, that the “ceasefire” is broken, de fact.

Moreover, there would be no agreement on the future of Syria if Assad remains: a firm exigency of the Revolutionaries  is his departure  and his trial to the ICC for crimes against humanity. In effect, he must be judged. When I think to the perspective of this trial by the ICC, I am hopeful.

2017: hopeful? hopeless? #BestWishesSyria



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