Iran and Assad complicity and media

As every day I write about Aleppo, reading newspapers, I have learn that Revolutionaries were “terrorists”: as for me, I thought that “terrorist” was a person using torture and killing civilians in mass, and this definition  qualified Assad and the Iranian leaders, the Mullahs.

Since six years now, media and  Syrian Revolutionaries, including their supporters, live on their misunderstanding.

I have to add that , after the discovery of Russian complicity in Assad’s genocide(firstly named “war crimes”), the Iranian one shows the power of the Assad’s clan in the region.Bachar  El Assad governs with the same methods than his father, Hafiz El Assad: imprisonment, torture, executions. His new ally, Iran, do the same: summary executions, in public are the common penalty, whatever the age: see about this practice the blog Freedom Star, documented on it.

Even if Western governments fear ISIS, and live under this threat on their own land , the hand of the Islamic State and other jihadist is not behind the siege of Aleppo and the bombing of civilians: shelling, nukes, were sent by Assad forces , by the powerful Russian planes; as for talks on the future of the country, and the use of torture, they were the fact of Iran.


This place of Iran was firstly denounced by Iranian dissidents, and now it is by the Syrian National  Coalition of the Revolutionary and Opposition Forces: in effect, a transition government, with its army, the Free Syrian Army , its Flag, and its project of   Ministers,  acts on the ground , in opposition to the official power , the Baath, party of Assad, backed by Russia and Iran , and the inaction of the  West(picture of the header under property of the National Coalition).

Moreover, the West does not understand what is taking  place now in Syria; so, their silence, their inaction, and the information of the media, which are  denying  the genocide.

What information these media are they relaying? SANA, the official and unique paper of Syria, the Baath agency? The Mullahs thinking?

Iran and Assad are accomplices in genocide; and media accomplice in mus-information.


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