For Christmas Eve, demonstrations against Assad and Khameney complicity

As all Christians are preparing Christmas Eve, but also, as few know it , Muslims, because Issa (Jesus , in Arabic) was born from a virgin, many demonstrations were,  this afternoon, in Paris, in front of the Iranian embassy and in other symbolic places, such as the Republic Place.In front of the  embassy, a speech was delivered; we can see a photo of the event : iran-opposition-stands-with-aleppo-in-paris-december-242016

On the stones of the pavement, demonstrators wrote the name of Aleppo, but of course, in French: ALEP.

Whatever the language, the goal of the demonstrations was to  put in evidence the complicity of the Iranian Regime in the extermination of Aleppo by Assad.

Others demonstrations had been  targeting the role of Russia, and most of participants were French, or Syrians in exile in France: I write in exile, because French authorities denied systematically to refugees their rights, as existing in the French law.

The specificity of the demonstrations of today was in  the participants:   Iranian opponents to the actual regime, exiled Syrians, and French, all in solidarity in the same denunciation, the complicity and the barbarity of Iranian Mullahs backing Assad genocide.

On the posters , we can read for the first time in public opinion “crimes against humanity”.

On the photo of the header, the French text of the poster can be translated so:




Iranian opponents support firmly the Syrian Revolution. The fact that Iran is governed by a dictatorship (religious, this one) makes Opposition  close to the Syrian people, who dared , in 2011, say what they wanted, and still want, after these awful six years :

“The Syrian people want to topple the Regime”.

Those who were not in Paris tweeted for freedom in Iran and Syria. They want to bring Assad and his accomplices to the ICC:


Moreover, Iranian opposition supports the program of Maryam Rajavi. She put on YouTube a splendid video to share her wishes of Christmas and Happy New Year :

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