Daily Prompt: Calm:Calm of graves in a phantom city

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Calm has succeeded , in Aleppo, to the bombings and fighting. But it is the calm of a phantom city.Only walls tell us the story of the past: the graffiti are saying “The Great Syrian Revolution”, “The people want the fall of the Regime”, “The Revolution of the  Abandoned People”.

Aleppo evacuated from its inhabitants, fallen city , ruins where sounds silence, is calm of the calm of death.The remaining civilians are dead under buildings, trapped under stones. Graves and cemeteries are calm.

Moreover, in the Muslim culture, we don’t pray in cemeteries, but at home, with the relatives of the dead person: Aleppo has the calm of an immense cemetery . Our prayers, we keep out of the town: they won’t break the calm of this dead city, which was still alive.

Yes, there is a big contrast between the actual calm of the fallen Aleppo, and the living sounds of the past.

Before the Revolution, the Second town of Syria was noisy of tourism, of luxury, of the oriental markets, and it had a rich archeological  site. Old stones of the past offer their calm to the walker fed up of the noises of the town.

The calm was principally due to  the censorship imposed by the Baath: the unique way of expression,  the only newspaper , Sanaa, kept a terrible calm , this of repression.

Since 2011, the sounds of daily shelling, of massacres, broke the calm and the silence, but only in the country.

Can we call “calm”, the attitude of the international community, or “indifference”, or “conscienceless” ?

Syrians dead in a absolute silence: now , Aleppo is awfully calm.

The winter , and the snow, are adding to this phenomena : snow is covering the ruins of the  empty town; such a calm… Every people walking in the snow knows this: we don’t hear our path, silence of snow makes us calm.

Here, the calm of the snow is a suffering for the civilians who left Aleppo, especially the children: it is the reason why all associations, as Christmas is soon, call on our generosity.


A child sleeping in the snow is at risk of dying, and grow the eternal calm of death.


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