Aleppo: Bana Alabed is alive

If there is a good new to share about Aleppo, after all these posts about siege and , finally, exodus, it is the fact that little girl , seven years  old, Bana Alabed, who kept us updated  of the situation in the city, thanks to her Twitter account, is alive.

The evacuation, or exodus, or inhabitants, was allowed by an agreement between Assad’s forces and these of the Opposition.It was monitored by the UN , which sent on the ground delegates for the supervision of the evacuation of Aleppo.The text of the agreement can be read since today on the site of the OCHA, and downloaded as a PDF.

Click to access ERC%20USG%20Stephen%20OBrien%20on%20Syria_19December2016.pdf

But the decisions and peace talks of the UN were so inefficient  that there was still an anxiety about the destiny of these civilians.Demonstrations of  solidarity with Aleppo continued in some countries, such as Italy.


Today, the Syrian Network for Human Rights, the only source of information relating wounded and deaths, since 2014, published a report indicating that the Agreement for the evacuation  of Aleppo has been violated by Assad ‘s forces.

It is published at the same time that humanitarian organizations , such as Amnesty, or Care, call for donations in favor of people of Aleppo; at less than a week of Christmas, generosity is called, when it comes to Aleppo, especially to kids. The video below goes in that sense:




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