Aleppo: Exodus and Hope

Yesterday, began the evacuation of Aleppo, with the most simple meaning.People had to flee a whole life, sometimes  walking, because there was no cars;” cars”, if we can call so the carrels on which old people traveled, and ancient buses were the only driving; in buses, we could see people, some young enough, and women with kids, more than the capacity of the bus.

The evacuation of the city had been obtained by some Western countries which, at the UN , made pressure on the other ones , under humanitarian reasons: in acting so, they were right, even if the action is late.The humanitarian corridors should have been open before, to feed and cure the civilians of the town when it was besieged.

The White Helmets returned on the ground to save lives , so that all civilians can be evacuated.

The news we share on this blog , we had by a Syrian reporter working on the ground, and by the opposition , the Syrian National Council of Revolutionary and Opposition Forces.Of course, those who would find this blog too much in favor of the Revolution can find contrary news  on the site of Sanaa, which is the National Agency, this of Assad.I write this , because I had the comment, on a post, that I wrote propaganda…

The testimony of the facts with a Syrian point of view can be found below:

People fleeing Aleppo, because now the city is only ruins, the remaining of Assad-Putin -Iran bombings, don’t flee without hope.

They have left the town without their computer, which allowed them to communicate with the world:  only a warm blanket when it was possible, but they have left Aleppo keeping it in their hearts; before the exodus, they wrote graffiti   on the walls, “we will return”.


The exile is not definitive for them, they don’t want to leave to grow the number of refugees.

“We will return”: Aleppo is destroyed, but for its inhabitants, the Revolution continues.The rebuilding of the Second Town is a step in the building of the Syria they fought for: free, just, equal.


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