Prey for the Middle-East

I wrote “prey” instead of “pray” intentionally. The Iranian regime or Khameney, of the mullahs, is one of the most powerful in the region, so it has enough soldiers to support Assad. The crimes of Assad-Putin -Khameney were discovered with the horrors of Aleppo,but they began with the Syrian Revolution, in March, 2011; for this reason, we put on the header Homs, from where started the Revolution, on March, 15th, 2011.

Iran is not bad-considered by the West, we can see that with the US Iran-Deal.After years of embargo , the US politicians agreed that Iran got the nuclear power, and economic relations with the USA.But very little people persons are aware of the 1988 Massacres, and that the Mullahs hang all opponents. Iran is a religious dictatorship, even if it has power.

After Iran, the powerful country is Saudi Arabia, with oil, and the prestige of being the sacred land of Mecca: for all Muslims, the pilgrimage is the fifth pillar of the faith, and they all pray in this direction. But the laws of Islam in the country are so strict  that all people a little bit educated know the name of Raif Badawi, sentenced to jail and flogging for free expression.

Relating to Iran, its complicity in the Syrian genocide is evident.None in the West said a single word about it, but Iranian opponents denounced it on social media , and in blogs.My colleague, who writes the blog “Freedom Star”, in favor of liberty and justice in Iran, wrote so good a post about Aleppo that I shared it on my blog.

Below , the reader will find a photo of Aleppo, ravaged by Assad and his allies. On Twitter, a tweet was active today; as it was in Arabic, I give its translation: “Syria and its children”.


Unfortunately, the Syrian people, which is , at this hour, evacuating Aleppo by all means,  is not the only people targeted by this policy of extermination.

The Iranian regime, which backed Assad, has now  views on Yemen and Bahrain, according to another Iranian blog , written by the opposition.I give the link below, so that the reader can find more information:

After having read it, as I have, I doubt the public have the same view on Iran.

For this regime, this of the mullahs, yes, the Middle-East is a prey.



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