#WeStandWithAleppo, now and ever

I wrote one post under this title, but as that time, the town was not agonizing; now, it is.Invaded by Assad and Putin forces, with the support of Iranian soldiers, and other foreign militia, the civilians are at risk of  crimes against humanity like these of the 40th .

The comparison must shock, but a genocide is at work in Syria, as it had been from 1938 to 1945 with the Jews by the Government of the Nazi Reich.

Assad is a dictator; unlike Hitler, who took power, Assad inherits it , belonging to the  family of a dictator, Hafiz Al Assad. The hereditary power of a clan, founded on a unique party, the Baath, governs the whole land; there is no contestation in the West, because Syria is wealthy  and its political stability serves the Western interests facing Iraq and Lebanon, two countries  which knew wars.

The West , still now, prefers to ignore that the political stability guaranteed  by the Assad clan is based  on the imprisonment of the opponents, torture, death penalty.

What is arriving now in Syria, the genocide we attend if we keep informed, is the result of willing justice, freedom, and the departure of Assad, to establish a true democracy.

People aware of these claims, which are just, because we enjoy these rights since the 17th in the UK, for example,  and since the 18th in  France or  in the USA, demonstrate their solidarity with Syria. We can see, as instance, a demonstration of solidarity with Syrians in Paris, the day when the mayor of Aleppo went to Paris:

In effect,  the worst violation of human rights until now is the situation made to Aleppo: if we stand with Aleppo, it is because the city suffered from siege, bombings, chemicals, and , on the final phase, the invasion by Assad’s militias, who killed, massacred, indifferently women ,children, the elderly.

This deliberate will to exterminate a whole part of a population is not war crimes: it is  genocide.

Genocide is the deliberate  will to eliminate a whole part of the population under certain criteria: religion , ethnicity, are the principal ones, the more common. In the case of Syria, it is the political opinion: as  we said , the Baath is unique; it is Assad’s party. Approve it, or die, is the policy of the Assad clan since the 50th : here,  it is applied to a  country, not only individuals.

Damascus is important, because it is the capital. But the heart of the Revolution is in two cities: Aleppo, and Homs.

As the massacres go on , as inhabitants declare that they prefer die than to knee, more than never, we stand with Aleppo.

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