Aleppo’s agony : crimes against humanity

The whole town of Aleppo is in the hands of Assad since yesterday, and, as we all preview , he slaughtered all the inhabitants, indifferently: women, children, elderly  . The most awful massacres took place and are now going on.

To stop this barbarity, petitions were issued  and shared. I give the link of one below; the site is secure:

Of course,this link is in French,  but Avaaz is a global movement, and  those who would like to sign will find the link in their own language.

I would add that the more we will protest against this massacres, the more we have a chance to save lives, and , perhaps, to be heard by leaders .

Think that to slaughter the civilians of Aleppo, soldiers of Assad and Putin, his powerful ally, enter the houses, where they shoot the people, rape the women ; sometimes, they don’t use, to kill, firearms, but knives: the weakest, little kids are testimony of this, before being achieved themselves.

Yesterday, some women committed suicide, which is absolutely contrary to the “sharia”, the law of Islam, revealed in the Qur’an, to preserve their honor . Those who didn’t are dying today after knowing this dishonor and horror.

There are no crimes that Assad and Putin  will not commit in the city of Aleppo; as we said yesterday, Syrians took shelter in the town in 2012, and it is the Second town of the country, by importance, after the Capital, Damascus.

Their purpose is to erase Aleppo from the map of Syria; after having destroyed  buildings, they massacre inhabitants, the whole population. In the besieged city, no escape is possible.

There will be no testimonies for pleading in favor of the martyrs of Aleppo, if one day History put on the table the Syrian genocide.

Is it Assad and Putin’s goal? If they continue , unlike Jews at Jerusalem , at Eichmann’s trial, will be Syrians at the ICC to tell the genocide  they were victims of, to say the agony of Aleppo?

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