Aleppo calls for help

Facing the drama of Aleppo, the worst humanitarian disaster since  WW II, the UN issued a convocation  to   an emergency  meeting, to find a solution, but there was no agreement between the representative of the United States and this of Russia. The USA  called for an emergency help in Aleppo, where civilians are being kept in hostages by Assad, indifferently women, children, the elder.Russia, as usual , said no.

From the ground, Syrians themselves, journalists who want to inform the world, by Whats app, because it does not need an internet  access, said today the misery of Aleppo, the second town of Syria, a jewel in the past: civilians, who took shelter in the city since 2012, are now Assad’s hostages, without the necessary.They recorded videos , they tweeted to tell their lack of everything , and what people could do to help them.

Kids in the remaining orphanage of Aleppo recorded a video, in which they ask for help:

Some associations are relaying the call, the International Rescue, the Red Cross, the UNICEF.; Syrian organizations, too, as the Syria Campaign, which, since 2011, keeps the link with the public on Twitter and Facebook: to maintain the website has a cost, and donors give what they can; the average of the donation is 5 $.

The call of the US representative at the UN , the donations of people, the petitions they sign: in all these acts, kids are the first in our thoughts and actions.

It does not means that adults are nothing, they are the victims of crimes against humanity :the bombings with chemicals, the starvation used as a tactic of war, the will to kill a whole part of the people because of political interest.But as adults, we always think  of Syrian children as ours.

Bana Alabed, who twitted with her mother Fatimah, is an emblematic  example.As a proof of life in Aleppo, her tweets were waited for.


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