Aleppo, a farewell to arms

I was to name this post “Aleppo is dying “, because it is the truth, but many times I wrote this, and how to take seriously the information, even real? So, yes, Aleppo is dying. The town has been taken back by Assad’s forces; on social networks, I called my minster to open humanitarian corridors , so that civilians can leave the city; otherwise, they will be tortured, jailed, the women raped before being killed…

It is difficult, as a woman , and as a citizen of the free world (I am French, and citizen of the world) to write this post, but I do it to raise awareness on the situation. Just today, I received three mails asking me for support, from Syrian networks I follow, and from a petition I have signed, issued by a Syrian doctor of Aleppo when there was still enough to cure the injured…

The photo of the header is under the property of the National Coalition of Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition  Forces.

The fall of Aleppo means that the civilians , who were trapped in the city, without medicines, without food, or at enormous prices when there was (sugar 10 $ a pound, whereas before the war it was 0, 40), so families cannot pay the sum, bombed at every time by the  Russian planes, can no more , now , tempt an escape .


Assad was master of West -Aleppo, but East-Aleppo, and the neighborhoods , were still defended by the Opposition.

The Free Syrian Army had taken back this part; but Assad’s forces are more powerful, as we saw: he has foreign militias, the Russian and Iranian authorities  as principal allies. Moreover, he is not afraid of killing by the most awful meanings: siege, a medieval and cruel tactic of war, and, more modern, but forbidden by international laws, chemicals.

It was easy to him, with his allies, and his lack of scrupulous,  to take back the full town of Aleppo.


All the afternoon, I have tweeted for Aleppo, and, just before writing these lines, sent emails and signed petitions.

For  Aleppo, for the civilians, I hope world leaders will take a decision; hope , everything we have now.


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