Daily Prompt: Flee: Syria, nowhere to flee now

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At this day, as I write these lines, Syrians have nowhere to flee.

Much has been said about Palmyra, the old city taken by IS, but none said the despair of Homs falling in the hands of Assad’s army, except the FSA. Media don’t find their news in the Free Syrian Army, a much reliable source of information; they don’t , too, trust the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, which announced the fall of Aleppo.


Aleppo, Homs, Palmyra, three important towns : the first ones, taken by Assad; the last, by IS: in conclusion, for civilians, where to flee? nowhere.Idled,too, has fallen.

Days after days, by our lack of action, the powerful Russian army, with all its weaponry, achieve what Assad  began; relating to the religious extremism of the Islamic  State, it helps the dictatorship to survive.

Assad now finds help in the Iranian regime, as we saw in a precedent post; unlike this, the Iranian people calls for solidarity with Syrians, because they live, too, in a dictatorship, and cannot flee it easily .Maryam Rajavi represents this solidarity between Iranians and Syrians :

At a regional level , the new elected President of Lebanon said that its country would not intervene in any way in the operations, and stay neutral in all ways possible.Of course, Aoun does not want a new War of  Lebanon; for Syrians , who saw the border as a possible crossing, and Lebanon as a shelter, the change is immense, and so de favorable to them.

Those who fled in Europe are still prisoners in camps, inhuman; only Germany welcomed the refugees in decent conditions.Europe, which had been a promise of union in the 50th, has revealed many weakness , in economy, and so on… Towards  Syria, especially Syrian refugees, European Union is a failure.


Behind every  refugee, we see a potential terrorist; leaders make a confusion between IS and their victims; the emergency state , prolonged in France, makes of the country  a very inhospitable  one.

Intellectuals, personalities of arts, regularly sign petitions in favor of refugees, and these petitions are backed and signed by citizens.This one, for example, is a claim for minors living under the status of refugees, but non-accompanied :




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