Maryam Rajavi: the voice of Iranian Resistance

It is an issue known by little, but the Iranian people is fighting against his regime since 1988, date when thousands of people, all civilians, were massacred by the power in place.

Now, the Resistance to the regime of the Mullahs (the religious leaders of Iran) live in exile, and a part in the neighborhood of Paris: it is from there that Maryam Rajavi has become the voice of the Opposition.

If this figure is worth a post, it is because of her leadership; it is not common that a woman has so much influence in politics in the Arab (and Persian)culture: generally , they have a great part in demonstrations, they become nurses if necessary, but not political leaders.

Maryam Rajavi is an exception, because of her expression: she speaks well in public, she participates to conferences, and she respects by the same time the moderate role of woman in Islam; in every photos and videos, she can be seen with a  scarf on the hairs.

It could seem a contradiction with the political program she developed for Iran and revealed recently on Twitter: a  democracy without any religious influence, considering that the power of the Mullahs is a dictatorship.

In effect, in the recent intervention of Iran in Syria, to back the Assad regime, Iranian citizens were not consulted; unlike this, Iranians feel in solidarity with Syrian Opposition.

The need for a democracy in Iran is real: because the regime, exactly as this of Assad uses enforced disappearances, torture, and death penalty.

According to NGOs, and to Iranian Opposition, Iran is the First in the World  Record for the use of Death Penalty: it is a record not to celebrate. The Mullahs hang every day opponents.

Myriam Rajavi, who was testimony of the  1988 Massacres, speaks out against this practice, but , moreover, she offers Iranians a program , which can be realized, which is not impossible.

About her personality, the reader will find an excellent post on the blog “Freedom Star”, written by Iranian dissidents: .

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