Daily Prompt: Missing: Missing: Lives of Aleppo

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Missing, everyday more, lives in Aleppo: mothers searching their children in the remaining of bombed buildings, kids dead or without a smile, alive but not living their childhood; only the White Helmets looking for injured or corpses… Missing, the painters , butchers, teachers, they were before …

Missing, the streets with their shops, now destroyed.

Missing, peace: at every minute, a shelling can kill what stay of life in the city: Russian bombs, with chemicals.

Missing, hospitals, and medicines ; but how to cure victims of chemicals? The photo of the Napalm Girl in 1972, which is emblematic of the Vietnam War, is now convenient to the Syrian Revolution in 2016.nick-ut-napalm-girl-1972


Missing, the information . On 2014, the UN decided not to count the victims , because the number was too important and because on the ground it could be contested. Since this date, we found all our sources on the Opposition, especially the Syrian Network for Human Rights, or on NGOs such as Human Rights Watch .The official photographer of Assad, Caesar, joined the Revolutionaries and provided to the public secret photos.

As every war, the war that Assad undertook against his own people  has divided the opinion: for the partisans of the Revolution, whose I am, it is a genocide; for the partisans of Assad, the Revolution is a treason.Every war conducts to  a propaganda and a nervous one.

Missing, the objective partisan which can help the Syrian people and be exterior to the conflict: the United Nations were created in this aim, and Syria is their failure.

Missing, those who chose to flee the ravaged Syria, and grew the number of refugees; a shelter, they even didn’t find. the UNHCR call regularly for a  policy of dignity towards them; it’s the same with local associations, which resist to the power, like Calais Solidarity, a blog that the reader can find under this name.

Missing, what wanted Syrians in 2011: freedom, justice, equality, social justice, and the departure of Assad.

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