Who backs Assad’s army?

In a previous post, we wrote about the Free Syrian Army, the Army of the Opposition, who backs the Revolution, and which is composed of deserters of Assad’s army.

But on the other hand, when we hear about a victory of Assad’s Army, we must know clearly what we talk of: Syrians who stay linked to Assad  (very little, almost all the population join the insurgents) , but foreign militias: who are they?

The Free Syrian Army published on YouTube a very good video; very good, because very pedagogical; it explains the composition of these foreign militias, by countries. We give it below:

A constant composition can be noticed, the religion: they are all Shia, and it is easy to motivate them to fight  by the religion.

Iran, by example, which is a religious dictatorship sends militias to support a regime which is not religious: in the Syrian Constitution, the allusion to Islam is only at the article 3, in the new Constitution as in this of 1973. The Baath is a laic power.

It is a paradox. Russia is atheist .

Assad takes allies everywhere.Yemeni are the enemies of Saudi Arabia, the leader of Sunni, and the enemies of Iran.There is no coherence in this military policy.Assad is taken now between many fires: the international coalition, the Opposition, which has force (the FSA is powerful). So, he takes allies where he can.Foreign militias are multiple.

The Opposition , the Revolutionaries, as the majority of Syrians , are Sunni.They have as  origin the Syrian people and, as a goal , the same claim: freedom, equality, justice for the whole people, and the departure of power of Assad’s dynasty (we say dynasty, because the Baath took power with Hafiz Al Assad ). Syrians want a democracy.The FSA backs this claim, and goes to fight with the religious chant “Allah Akbar”, which means, without equivocal, “God is Great”.

Between these two forces, the FSA and the foreign militias recruited by Assad, the clash is between progress and dictatorships .

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