Daily Prompt: Martyr: Aleppo, a Martyr City

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Days after days, I write about Aleppo, and nothing changes, except the fact the town is more and more a Martyr one.

The definition of “Martyrdom” is to offer oneself in sacrifice¬† , for a cause. In Islam, those who dies fighting for a noble cause, are called “martyrs”, in Arabic “mujaheddin”.

In the battle for Aleppo, which is complex, the Free Syrian Army fights to liberate the besieged town from Assad: they believe in a cause, this of freedom; but the Martyrs are also the besieged civilians, trapped, without  food, medicines, and, now, without hospitals: the last was bombed by Russian planes.


Civilians, even when they are obliged to flee, say that the cause of liberty is more precious than life, and that they prefer dying than kneeling: this attitude is , too, characteristic of the “mujahidin” , the Martyr.

Moreover, the Martyr is alone when is dyes, and the city of Aleppo is alone in the international community. Nobody moves in favor of the inhabitants.

Sometimes, in some towns, a rush of solidarity takes place: walks, demonstrations; but they take some hours in one day.

The remaining of the time, Aleppo is alone , in its agony, facing starvation, siege, chemicals.

A whole city dyes, days after days, and all efforts to raise awareness are vain.

The people still wants the downfall of the regime, justice, freedom; for this reason, since 2011, he is a Martyr people, mujahidin , dying alone before our televisions, our computers, our indifference.

To the Martyrdom of the bombings, the Martyr of Aleppo includes this of loneliness.

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