#Aleppo: crimes and silence

It’s been five years now that the inhabitants of Aleppo rebelled against Assad, and months and weeks passed, while Assad bombed the rebels, with the help of Putin, whose army is more powerful. And the other  countries? Where is their insurrection, before the war crimes? Where are the countries which closed their Syrian embassy, as a protest against Assad?

Nowhere.At Geneva, and New York, representatives of the UN take resolutions, but without effect. To act, Irresolution is the convenient word.

Meanwhile, in Syria, a whole population is dying. It is no more war crimes, but human rights activists claim for a judgment of Assad by the ICC, for genocide.

Aleppo is the symbol of this dying Syria; yesterday, a Twitter storm was launched, global, according to local hours, to interpellate the political leaders about this humanitarian disaster; activists felt  to have obtained promises of airdrops of elementary supplies.

As the trucks were hijacked by the Syrian regime, to drop food by airplanes was the solution, because more precise in its objective.But today? Nothing.

The promises were false, the enthusiasm was brief; and, last but not the least, little Bana Alabed, the 7 years old young girl who communicated with the world by her Twitter account (managed by her mother, Fatimah), disappeared: her last tweet was to say that her house has been bombed, she was obliged to flee, and asked people to pray.

On Twitter today, it was a rush of solidarity with her: people of all religions saying they will pray for her, telling her to take care and stay safe.

About Bana, an excellent post can be read on the blog” Freedom Star”, written by Iranian human rights activists and opponents to the mullahs’ regime:


Children from Algeria tweeted for the kids of Aleppo. There are more solidarity in kids than in adults, and there is none in politicians.


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