Why were we mobilized for Mandela and not for Nabeel Rajab?

In a post , the director of Human Rights Watch, Kenneth Roth, declared  that it was a paradox Nelson  Mandela became a symbol of liberty, and not Nabeel Rajab, who fights for the same cause.Every activist for freedom and equality of rights, who had , or has, a photo of Mandela, should have today one of Nabeel Rajab.

As a remember, in 2011, in Bahrain, erupted , as everywhere in the Arab world, an “Arab spring”, calling for freedom of speech, and equality between all citizens.These two things are not guaranteed : the religion and the King cannot be criticized . As for the religion, Rajab , in a Tweet, claimed for equality between Shia, the more important part of the population, and the Sunni, the official religion, this of the Kingdom.

For these reasons, he fell under the two accusations of attempting the religion, and disqualifying Bahrain in the international community. The prestige of Bahrain, a little territory,is its wealth, and its cars race, every year; even those who don’t known the country know the famous “Grand Prix”, which leads so many people to attend it, and so many journalists.

Tweeting for equality seems to have attempted to the prestige of the King and of the Sunni.

Rajab was jailed for the first time, but not the last. In the street protests of the Revolution, he can be seen, as the other contester,  under tear gas launched by the police. He is not an intellectual writing and doing nothing: he is engaged, at his own risks.In an interview, he explains his engagement as a human rights defender:

His trial is regularly postponed. It was for July, then postponed to October, and now, the given date is December, 5: soon, so.(the interview, as the photo of the header are not recent; Rajab is actually jailed)

But will this trial  take place, and, in a more fundamental way, will it be just?

As the leader of the Bahraini Network for Human Rights, the only organization in this sense in the country, Nabeel Rajab made clear that the Kingdom uses torture and solitary confinement.

No free speech, no freedom of religion, no justice separated of power: this is Bahrain.Why don’t we praise Nabeel Rajab, as we praised, in other times, Nelson Mandela?

Freedom has no price, and the fight for it , too.


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