Daily Prompt: Vigor: Vigor of activism versus leaders’ indifference

via Daily Prompt: Vigor

As Syria enters its six years of Revolution, one vigor must be underlined: that of activists, who sign and share petitions in favor of the Syrian people .

This has to be distinguished from the bravery of the Syrian people himself, civilians in destroyed cities and those who protect them: the White Helmets, and the Free Syrian Army. Here we can talk of bravery , or courage,because their own lives are at risk.

Activists are outside Syria, worldwide, and it is their voice which has vigor. When there is an occasion, they demonstrate  their solidarity, with posters, by walks, or sit-in in front of the Russian embassy. On November, 26th, they drew the attention of the public thanks to a conference. Today, on Twitter, a call was made to write an open letter for Syria, to the concerned authorities of your country, by  a post mail or by  a mail. I don’t know how many persons answered this call, but I personally raised my voice, with vigor, by sending two mails: one to the French President of the Republic, one to the European Parliament.

Most demonstrations take place in capitals, Paris, London; social networks have the vigor to relay the protest, to make the contest bigger.

Thanks to them, a movement of solidarity takes a vigor, a force, that it would not have without. People not  living in the capital, or who are overbooked, can have part of this movement.

Leaders don’t act, their indifference towards the situation is criminal.

Unlike this, Syrian people are not alone: a vigorous movement of sympathy is growing , thanks to the activists, who try their best to awake the consciences.

With vigor and conviction I conclude: today is the day, tomorrow is too late.

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