“Shawkan” awarded by the Committee to Protect Journalists

Since more than two years , the Egyptian photographer, now known as “Shawkan” , is jailed under false accusations by the authorities. He only did his job by covering the protests at  former President Morsi’s fall; Sissi prolonged the sentence.

Petitions were issued by NGOs such as Amnesty, or by more local ones , the Euromed movement, which calls for freedom for activists behind bars; regularly, the site is updated by news on freed people, and others whose liberation is postponed.

On Twitter, an account is managed, under his name and in his place, to speak out for his liberty.People tweet with a photo of themselves calling for his freedom: the action is efficient, many people, including me, sent photos, and even without, continue the fight, in hope of his liberation.

But the photographer is still imprisoned.It is in his absentee that the CPJ, the Committee to Protect Journalists, awarded him this year as a representative of the journalists taking risks in his work and in need of protection : this prize is an international recognition, it makes” Shawkan “more famous, and the notoriety of the CPJ  is as a protection.

On their site, the Committee uploaded a video that we give below:


It is with hope that, writing this post, promptly ” Shawkan” be freed .

In these  years, he became the symbol of the lack of liberty of press in Egypt, a country which was in the first ones to revolt in 2011.

Since January, 25th, 2011, and Morsi’s fall , there is this evolution: “Shawkan” is imprisoned, and, with him, the press.

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