Assad and his propaganda

Propaganda is a main tool in dictatorships: Assad uses it very efficiently.Thanks to his official news agency, SANAA, which publishes his interviews  and speeches , and thanks to foreign policy: he has a military  ally, Putin, who is a master, too, in propaganda.

The Russian press, which is not free, but under surveillance of the regime, provides news of the shelling as great victories, showing videos on YouTube  of the weaponry attacking Syrian towns.This demonstration of force is a support to the Assad regime.

When I write “dictatorship”, about Assad, one has to remember that Syria lives under martial law since 1963, when Hafiz Al Assad took the power by a coup .The Baath is the only party then, and propaganda is necessary to keep the population silent.

Since the Revolution of March 2011, it is more necessary to fight the revolutionaries and the international movement in their favor.

With the US Presidential election, Assad won a new ally: Trump has the obsession of terrorism , particularly of a Muslim one came from the Middle-East.; forbidding the immigration to the USA to Muslims is based on this threat: they all are potential terrorists in his views.

In the Middle-East, precisely,on the ground,   the Islamic State (IS)is a target for Trump: on this policy, he had a call with Putin, and is a great friend of Russia;  about IS,  when they bomb civilians, the Assad/ Putin coalition tells the same: they seek to eliminate the roots of terrorism : on Twitter, the Syrian opposition shared photos of kids as the “terrorists”of Assad, and even this of a cat, as a  dangerous terrorist, enemy of Assad.The photo of the header is, also, a property of the National  Coalition of the Opposition and Revolutionary Forces.

By this humor, the opposition wants to show that they are the real fighters of IS: the existence of the terrorist group is an obstacle to the creation of a democratic State in Syria, the goal of the uprising of 2011.

For Assad, Putin, and now Trump, IS represents only a pretext to their actions: so, the importance of having the media back to spread their propaganda. Even in the USA, a democracy, an enforcement of the FBI allows this propaganda.

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