#WeStandWithSyria, but Trump doesn’t

As the situation is , day after day, a desperate deterioration in whole Syria, with shelling, starvation, and lack of medicines, on social networks a strong mobilization is going viral : on Twitter, the hashtags,   #WeStandWithSyria, #WeStand4Aleppo,  and others, mentioning the names of other cities, Homs, Idlib, were active today.

But a tweet was revelatory: it appeals on the lack of interest of new elected President Trump for Syria, and on his sympathy with Russia: the  photo of the header is a screenshot on Twitter of a tweet about it.

According to this tweet, Trump and Putin had a call and good relations. Those who predicted a new “cold war”due to the situation in the Middle-East have to think it twice before speaking or writing.

But for Syrian civilians, who are looking for  support, it is a source of anxiety that Trump does not even know from where comes the opposition to Assad .

The roots of the Revolution of 2011, the civilians who continue to support this will of freedom despite the bombs, the sieges, the indifference; the existence of an army, the Free Syrian Army: for President Trump, what is what?

For him, as for populists and far-right members, Arabs and Muslims are a threat of terrorism; it’s not  by chance that he chose in his team, in his nearer staff , Rudy Giuliani, the former mayor of New York: this later was mayor of the city in 2001, when the Twin Towers exploded on 9/11.

Trump, who wants to refuse  immigration to Muslims, and is giving more power to the FBI, had declared in his campaign his hatred of a very country in the Middle-East, because of the IS: Iraq.

But , if Syria exists for him, it is just the same: a  terrorist’s nest.

Starving civilians and the FSA fighting for freedom does not exist in his( foreign)  policy: sorry, in his policy.

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