November, 13, a year later: a view on terrorism

This November, 13, in Paris, people are trying to overcome the trauma  of the terrorist attack which killed many people and shook the famous cabaret Le Bataclan.One year ago, the attack looked like this(and the video includes this of the soccer match); Paris and its suburbs were evacuated by the police.

The singer Sting has composed for this occasion a song named”inch’Allah”. To French  people, this title is familiar , of an old song of the 60th, about the Six Days War.The second, as the first, is a reconciliation one.Sting wants to show that Islam is not Islamism and terrorism; in the 60th, the song was a call for peace between Jews and Arabs, and, beyond, all religions.

In front of The Bataclan, which was closed since the attack, personalities, but also simple Parisians and ordinary people put flowers and , in memory, a street has a little monument.

The emergency state is prolonged of six months, especially in airports .

In the ceremony of today, some refused to come: victims, of course, because of pain; but the man, an anonymous hero, who saved  lives, was absent, too, by modesty.

This day is not only of mourning: the public is taken aware of the threat of terrorism. In all media, the name of  the most famous terrorists is present.There is no day without mention of the Islamic State.

However, this one has lost in influence in the Middle-East. On the ground, as shows the card of the header, the IS is quite inexistent since 2014. Where it is still powerful, rebels (insurgents issued of the Revolutions of 2011) fight it: in Syria, the Free  Syrian Army, for example.

But social media have taken the relay: on YouTube, propaganda videos can convert the weakest. A rigid and word for word reading of the Qur’an has deformed it . On internet, the IS has its own site: the Amaq news agency.

In 2015, and in 2016, we can see a terrorism formed of a lonely radicalization, via internet.Specialists of terrorism call it “the lone-wolf killer”.

It is the most dangerous one, the worst, because the individual acts alone, like a suicide bomber: nobody can predict his act.

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