Daily Prompt: Flames:Flames of courage, the Free Syrian Army

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Today, in the news, flames are hanger towards the new President of the United States: on Twitter, hearts are in flames for Douma, and the hashtag #StandWithDouma , on which I wrote yesterday, went viral today, with a twitter storm.But whatever the events, some flames never disappear: in this category, we must put the courage of the FSA.

The Free Syrian Army, an army constituted against Assad, from deserters of his soldiers, fight since the beginning of the Revolution , in 2011, with the flames of bravery and these of conviction.When they chose to desert from the regime army, they had in heart the flame of freedom, which is the fundamental of the 2011 uprising.

Now, they keep it alive, because of the bombings by Assad and Putin on towns such as Aleppo, Homs, Damascus, Raqqa, Douma, Idlib, and , finally, the whole territory:these bombs make flames that are real, cities are burnt, and, in the burning, civilians are injured .The Free Syrian Army intervenes to protect these populations; they constitutes the armed protection of civilians. When we hear in the news that a city has been freed, it is thanks to the FSA: this acronym , often presented by Western media as backed by the IS, is, on the contrary, the worst enemy  of it.

In fact, the FSA keeps alive the flames to fight against three enemies: the Assad /Putin coalition , the Islamic State, and the flames of the fires that burns bombed cities.

If we remember the battle for Aleppo, the liberation of Manbidj(this later one hijacked by IS), we have to think , at everytime, to the fights it represented to the FSA.

In Syria, since five years, flames are burning the country , and  freedom remains a stake to fight for.Flames of weapons versus flames of hearts.


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