Daily Prompt: Or: For Raqqua Or For Douma

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Reading the new letter of the Syria Campaign, I was thinking to post about Raqqua, the town freed of the IS by the Free Syrian Army: such a good new to share.

But I found on Twitter another good new: Douma, the besieged and bombed  town , was delivered for the first time since a while food and first aid :two good news to share after writing about violations of human rights…

So, the question was: Raqqa or Douma? A very personal choice, difficult , because both matters.

The “or“remembered  me the question in Hamlet: “to be or not to be?”

It is the same type of choice: Raqqa has been the object of a long and hard battle, before its liberation.The battle for Raqqa matters, it means a lot for its inhabitants.

If I chose Douma, it is because it is still the object of a demonstration on social networks.On Twitter, the two hashtags #Douma and #WeStandWithDouma   were active today.

Photos of the distribution of food, and of the devastated streets were shared.At the first plan of the truck of food, an old man symbolized the misery of the city, of the civilians.

I will write on Douma and its battle; but this evening, the “or” of the choice between my two posts is made: in Douma, there is still a stake for freedom.

There is no more “or“, even if it was difficult.

Between two men, choice is impossible.


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