Discover Challenge: Numbers :Numbers of photos as a testimony

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As in Syria, the UN have renounced to count the numbers of casualties since 2014, and we may take into account only those of the opposition, The Syrian Network for Human Rights, some have emitted doubts on the reliability of these numbers, because they cannot be balanced by another source.

But the very good news of these days is that now we have a proof of these numbers: a young  free-lance Syrian photographer, Hadi Abdullah, born in Homs in 1987, has taken photos everywhere in Syria, at his own risks, and for this he was awarded by the Press Freedom Prize 2016 by  Reporters Without Borders.The photo of the header is a celebration of his victory given by the National Coalition of Syrian Opposition and Revolutionary Forces.

His photos are a proof of the numbers of deaths, of the destruction, of the shelling; moreover, he his a reporter photographer, the pictures are not touched up , photo shopped.

What he gave to the public was war reporter photos, and by this reason they make us feel real a conflict that may seem far of our thoughts.

With these photos, numbers are no more anonymous data: they become men, women, children , families.

Thanks to Hadi Abdullah, the numbers of casualties in Syria have a proof, and these proofs are made human: from numbers to faces ,they create an emotion which is real and which I wanted to share.




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