we #StandwithAleppo

Today , in media, the news about Syria were focused on  the town of Raqqa , to be liberated from the Islamic State: the international coalition is ready for an intervention in the area, and the UN warms of the danger on the city.

As we understand, the IS is worth a news, and a displacement.On the other hand, the inhabitants of Aleppo have never been the object of a post, except  by the Syrian Opposition and its followers on social networks .

By the way, it must be remembered that the situation in Aleppo and its neighborhood  is so deadly that Facebook recently censored the page of the Syria Campaign , the videos and photos being shocking. So, is it better not to see the reality?

In fact, it is the common attitude, and to protest against the Russian  massive bombings , activists made a sitting in front of the Russian embassy in London, and elsewhere walks of solidarity took place.

But an  important protest in favor of Aleppo was virtual, organized following timezones : on Twitter, a Twitter storm  went viral today, with the hashtag #StandwithAleppo.

The image of the header is a screenshot of a photo twitted today.

The question remains: if we, we #StandwithAleppo, why the FSA (Free Syrian Army ) who liberated  a  part of the town in a battle for Aleppo, is never quoted ?

The Islamic State is a threat for Syria and the whole region , not only the West.

But , focusing on one point, we forget the civilians, and human rights.


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