Yemeni children under war

News in the Middle-East are rich these times: the evolution of the situation in Syria and Iraq, the election of a new President in Lebanon, and the activism for human rights in Bahrain, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia.

But, as Saudi Arabia is concerned,  all  these information mask the continuity of the Yemeni War: as  in every  conflict, kids  are in the more vulnerable  victims ; despite  the International Convention  on the Rights of Children, schools are a target   like another one; bombings kill indifferently civilians.

In the attempts to flee, or  in camps, children live in conditions where they don’t have access to the basic needs: in camps, on the road of exile, often no healthy  water nor food, no medicines, no education.

Families  mourn frequently one of their member, like in Syria.

Now, the public seems more aware of the situation in Syria : dailies  relay the new of the next Presidency of the UN, Russia has become unpopular. In Europe, the dismantlement  of the Calais camp has made a scandal both in France and in UK about Syrian refugees and the so-called “policy” of asylum .

Yemen : a total silence.The war is still here, but in a perfect indifference.We wrote two posts about it, but this one is to alert about children.

On Twitter @YemenFightBack  is the voice of the voiceless. The UNICEF, Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch , defend the interests of Yemeni children.

Only them speak out in favor of these victims .On social networks, Yemeni children have taken, for their activism, the motto of the Syrian ones: “Silence is a war crime”.

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