Aleppo : a stakes for the future of Syria

As the UN is still divided on the future of Syria, and of an eventual condemnation of Russia, the Arab League issued a firm Statement against the violence in Aleppo; Assad’s regime and Iran are condemned at the same time for their acts in the city.

The  source of this  information is the  Syrian Coalition of Revolutionary and Opposition Forces; the High Committee has shaped a plan of peace and a Constitutional  process for Syria, at the condition of Assad’s departure.

But the international community is slow to recognize the disaster in course in Aleppo: the bombings never stopped, at least 82 persons died in a single day under the shelling.

The White Helmets , the rescuers , are themselves the targets of the Assad/ Putin coalition(photo of the header taken on Twitter from the “Times “of yesterday)

Now, Aleppo is no more that ruins with civilians trapped in .

The UNICEF took the pledge to re establish a healthy water, but we all know that the UN aid was hijacked by the Syrian forces.

The peace process proposed by the Syrian Opposition was to be discussed in New York soon, but the High Committee,  facing the emergency in Aleppo, gave the town the priority and postponed the talks.

On social networks, today, the photos of Cesar, the  photographer who revealed for the first time the horror of the Syrian regime, went viral. Videos of tortured soldiers were shared, too.

Even if the UN takes an inefficient resolution, or does not arrive to an agreement on Russia’s responsibility, the condemnation by the Arab League, the shaping of a future by the Revolutionary Forces : this give us the stakes of the fight in Aleppo.

In Aleppo the future of Syria is in all fighting : the peace can begin, or fail here.

Everyday, now, each post on Aleppo seems to me like a reminder of our failure in Syria, our desperately  silence.

I hope it is for you, too: time to break the silence. Time to speak out in favor of peace in Syria.


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