Aleppo: the death of a city

Today, doctors and rescuers in Aleppo alerted on the fact that there are no more hospitals in the city.

The new was launched on social media,  Facebook and Twitter. The necessity to rescue injured civilians, still bombed by Assad and Putin, is facing the lack of means and the indifference of the international community.

Meanwhile, the  UN Security Council stated on the situation in Aleppo, by a strong condemnation  of the events in the town. After five years of shelling, and weeks of siege, the Security Council is discovering  that Aleppo is under bombs.

Who the responsible of these bombings , and their consequences? As Russia is member of the Council, the answer is easy: not Russia, of course…

Against this hypocrisy, actors  relay the true situation: according to the Syrian Opposition, on Twitter, and The White Helmets, medics are saving lives under fire, without medicines;  hospitals are now unable to welcome patients in Aleppo, whatever the gravity of the injuries and wounds.

The Assad / Putin coalition is responsible for the death of civilians at every minute in Aleppo. The old city is disappearing, and archeologists tweet about it.

But what about monuments when humans, including children , are bombed?

In a precedent post, I wrote that silence is a war crime.

Now is the time when silence is complicity of a genocide, this of the Syrian people.

#Holocaust Aleppo : we are all responsible for it by staying silent.


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