Daily Prompt: Panic Panic versus silence for Aleppo

via Daily Prompt: Panic

Aleppo is dying and nobody is panicking

Unlike this blindness, we must panic about Aleppo.

The town is still under fire, after being starved. According to the Syrian Observatory  for Human Rights, a Holocaust is in course in the city.

A reporter took into account the situation for the channel Euronews:

The report  is in English.

Panic : we should .Everyone in this lifetime in the testimony of this genocide .

Panic versus blindness. On Twitter, the hashtag  #Holocaust Aleppo  went viral today. On media I read , nothing.

As usual, elections, economics, the refusal of refugees, etc.

Refugees: this is an issue of panic for the opinion ; the threat of invasion , or of terrorism.

The death of Aleppo: we know, and we are blind , mute, and dumb.

The panic is there, where the White Helmets, nominated for the Livelihood Award , rescue civilians everyday; where children  are bombed by Assad and Putin.

Not to realize the importance  of the situation is irresponsibility. Furthermore, it is complicity .

The other  genocides were committed in closed and far places; the world discovered horror and the feeling of panic when it unveiled the Nazi camps, the Soviet Gulag.

This genocide is committed before all eyes.

Unlike the generation of the 40th  facing the Nazi camps in 1945, or the Soviet Gulag by Russian dissident writers who raised awareness on it, we cannot say we didn’t know.





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