Yemen: the untold war

A disaster is preparing in Yemen, where Saudi Arabia bombs the population since years, with the silences  of the opinion; the more important provider of Saudi forces is the USA.

In Yemen, tribes were affronting in a civil war since 2014, because of disagreement on the President who succeeded to former  President  Saleh after his resignation.

The war which leads Saudi Arabia is a plague on another one.

As Yemen is counted in the poorer countries in the world, civilians , since the beginning of these shelling , live in more difficult conditions : poverty  touches the most vulnerable, especially the children.NGOs alert us on this status , in their call to donations .

In my precedent post on the issue, I quoted an activism movement, World Without War, which issued a petition against the selling of US  weapons to Saudi Arabia.

Thanks to a thunderclap on social networks, it reached its goal of signatures: the public is now aware of the stakes of this conflict.

Fifteen years after 9/11, Yemen is no more the land of Al Qaeda , it is the land where civilians die under Saudi bombs sold by the USA and manufactured in Europe.

Moreover, the war is not against Yemeni, it is a proxy war ; it is a war between Iran and Saudi Arabia.

Please note that Iranians are not concerned by it ; it is the Iranian regime which is.

A complex story, but a story of a crime .


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