Fragile: refugees at our closed borders

via Daily Prompt: Fragile

Human Rights Watch and the UNHCR alerted us on the fragility and precariousness of the status of refugees worldwide .

It is time to underline how much this refugees crisis have touched the most vulnerable, the more fragile: children .

The story of the Syrian refugees crisis has been told more than once, published on social media, and we must see that still 2015( the great pic of the crisis in Europe) nothing has changed: our borders remain closed.

In non-European countries, this fragility is more evident: in Jordan, the access to scholarship is not free, and Syrian kids must work to pay the fees of their education, according to Human Rights Watch.

TheĀ  UNHCR will , now, take into account the voice of activists who shared their concerns about this crisis; on the other hand, Syrians tell their journey, the borders constantly closed, their sickness of it.

On the site of Amnesty international, a petition calls for the opening of these ones, for visas for refugees.

Aylan’s photo moved and shocked the opinion, but the result was null on the policies of European governments.

One year later, the refugees crisis is more profound ;every day, someone flees his country, and Syrians, especially, because of the bombings.

Precarious, fragile: the two adjectives describe the situation. We could not say that we were not aware of it .


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