From the children of Syria to world leaders

As the ceasefire is regularly broken by Assad’s regime, and the slaughter goes on, I write this post to raise awareness on the importance of Assad’s genocide now.

Children are the first victims of the massacres, because of their vulnerability.

Schools are systematically bombed, and a campaign was issued against this  by

Children of Homs recorded a message  where they exposed their situation , and now, a whole video aware the public on the  constant degradation of Syrian kids’ lives :

Children starved, bombed, besieged, without access to basic health care: imagine it is YOUR child in this very situation.

What would be your reaction? Facing the indifference of the world, shouldn’t you be without moving?

This is the sense of the message of Syrian children.

We all have to ask yourselves , in conscience, as human beings, as members of families, what is our impeachment to act: media? Ignorance? Fear? Indifference?

I hope that , after reading these lines, few ones, the reader will follow the campaigns in favor of Syria, on social   networks, and sign petitions on the site of Amnesty International in support of refugees , or of  Syrian activists .

And always remember: Syria is not ISIS, ISIS is loosing influence on the territory.

Kids aged of three or four , kids at school; terrorists?

This is Assad’s propaganda.

Save the future of Syria, save its children.


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