Syria today: #Anger for Homs, #Anger for Aleppo

Few days ago, the National Committee of Syrian Revolutionary and  Opposition Forces announced a transition  plan for peace in Syria, and the constitution of a Government , without Assad, of course.

The new went quickly viral on social networks, because it was  what wanted Syrians since 2011, the reason why they revolted five years ago.The USA and Russia, which support two opposed camps, were to agree on this plan.

But good news are precarious in Syria. Since yesterday, Homs and Aleppo are again under Assad’s shelling : for this reason, we put in the title the main hashtags of the campaign in favor of these two towns.

In 2011, Homs was in the heart of the Revolution: now, it is bombed by Assad everyday.

Who remembers that in March 2011, on the walls of Homs, people wrote the words “justice”, “freedom”? They wanted the democracy we enjoy; five years of a year which is now a genocide followed .

Democracy is still not realized , the #vision for Syria of the High Committee of the Syrian Opposition  is still broken by the  internal obstacles (Assad and Putin ‘s bombings) , and by the external ones: the help of the UN is hijacked by the regime, it does not benefit to the inhabitants.

The #Rage for Homs and #Anger for Aleppo are also the rage for children killed in the absolute impunity by Assad’s regime. Since the beginning of the Revolution, children have never been kept in no-war zones.

Syrian activists, and now word while activists claimed for a no -fly zone in Syria, for a harbor for children: but it was without success. It is yet without success.

This post is written in the only goal to raise awareness on this situation.


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