Nobel Price for the White Helmets, part 2

Between my first post about this nomination, the bravery of the White Helmets gained recognition, by a movie and the cinema production  Netflix.

The trailer can be seen on YouTube:

On Twitter, the campaign in support of their nomination is very active.

It has been years that the Team saves lives , in the whole country under bombs of every camp , either ISIS, either the coalition Assad/Putin.

The public may  have  forgotten Omran, the injured children in the ambulance, or Khalid Omar’s death (the man who died rescuing a baby) , but since the constitution of the team, the Syrian Civil Defense is the only organism responsible , on the ground, for the rescue of the civilians.

Foreign NGOs went punctually to help and provide assistance, but their hospitals were bombed.Assad shells everything and everyone.Recently, the use of chemicals, including napalm, shocked the followers of the information.

The White Helmets , knowing the ground, founded hidden hospitals in  caves and tunnels , so that victims can be safe.

As a remembrance, they are themselves civilians, not professionals, so they deserve this price.

The Syrian Campaign, an activism and awareness site on the reality of the situation in Syria, has launched a petition to support this award. The link can be found below:

Photo of the header under copyright of the official site of the White Helmets.

As a conclusion, as we write this, the Syrian Opposition is putting on the table a transition plan for Syria, with the express condition of Assad’s departure of the  power.

For Syrians, peace with Assad is impossible: 2011-2016, five years of a genocide.



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