Bahrain: Nabeel Rajab’s trial again postponed

The President of Bahrain Center for Human Rights, Nabeel Rajab, imprisoned for a tweet, is awaiting his trial since a while: in 2011, the Revolution began in Bahrain, unknown, and he is an emblematic figure of the Opposition.

Regularly, Bahraini authorities announce a fair trial, under the pressure of activists and NGOS, and regularly, the trial is postponed.

It was first for July, 12, then for September, 5, and now it is delayed until October, 6.

The reason given, this time, by the Bahraini power, is an open  letter published by Nabeel Rajab in the US press; in effect, he has many supporters in the USA and in the UK.In the organizations calling for his release, we can count Amnesty International, but also Human Rights Watch, Freedom House, IFEX , these ones American organizations; the reader can find a good information , trustable, following this link, this of Indexoncensorship  :

Bahrain delays court date for human rights campaigner for third time

Relating  to the UK,   in Nabeel Rajab’s  last public apparition, he stood in a protest in London, with English activists .

On social netwoks, contestations in favor of his liberation are much active, and on Twitter, the hashtag #releaseNabeel was viral yesterday and today.

Yesterday, activists were spoking out for his release, in the expectation of the trial; they were claiming a fair one, not a parody of justice.

Today, the new that the trial was once again postponed fell , with the disapppointment .



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