Aleppo at risk of a new siege

As Western governments still fail to find an agreement on Syria, the Syrian regime of Assad is again thinking of a new siege of Aleppo.

The Syrian Forces of Opposition are much concerned , few days after having succeeding  in the break of the siege. To sum up, Aleppo under siege have been a starving town , without humanitarian corridors; when open, these corridors were hijacked by Assad’s forces,and the trucks of food partially benefited to the regime, not the besieged population.

Photo of the header under property of the National Coalition of the Revolutionary and Opposition Forces.

Now, two cities are of strategic importance: Homs, because it was the second city to revolt in 2011 , and Aleppo.

In the rest of the country, Russian planes bomb the civilians with napalm , and nobody is aware, nobody is shocked.It is as if Syria disappeared of the geopolitics; it reappears only with preoccupations about Islamic State: in the West, security measures are taken in schools and in public places, as everybody fear an attack, from Jihadists formed in Syria.

And Aleppo? And the use of napalm , as in the Vietnam War?

Syria: from a legitimate revolt against a dictatorship to a genocide; five years of inaction from our part; five years of complicity.



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