Aylan: one year later

It ‘s been one year, day for day, exactly, that little Aylan Kurdi, the young Syrian child whose photo moved so the world, perished on a Turkish beach.

His father , who mourns his son, warms world leaders and the opinion , that one year later,  the situation is exactly the same. Nothing changed.Media ceased to talked about refugees, or they speak of them in term of immigration, not in term of asylum seekers .

The emotion is brief; we saw it again with the young boy injured in an ambulance. Thanks to social networks, the photo went viral in some hours, and known in the dailies, but the days after, other news have taken the place .

On the site of the IRC, on this of the UNHCR, they are campaign to make all refugees welcome, petitions to sign and share in favor of them.

In media,  this September, 1st, the anniversary of Aylan’s death , we must say the commemoration  of this death, is a post in some papers .

Picture of the header , for instance,  under property of the French paper “Paris Match”.

Tomorrow, children will go back to school after holidays ;some Syrian children won’t because their school have been bombed .

Some, because they flee , in a journey that everyone has chosen to ignore.

A year after, nothing changed,except the indifference of the media.

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