Daily Prompt: Cheat

via Daily Prompt: Cheat

Cheating about a pro-White discourse

Being treated of racist by opponents is quite uncomfortable, so the  better solution is cheating ; to pretend not to be racist, not to be pro-White, and reject people of Colors, especially Black ones:this is the last attitude we can see in Trump’s policy and discourses.

We know it is cheating after the precedent talks and speeches, some of them claiming that all people of Color, Black, Asiatic, and so on, should be deprived of their civic rights.

This cheating is the policy of his spokesman, who is trying to lead more people to the cause.When a discourse is too hard, it is necessary to edulcorate it, to sweet it.The cheating is like sugar in a medicine: it gives it a taste ; this cheating is veiling the racist , the true thinking of Trump’s speech.

As we celebrate, as each year on August, 28, the anniversary of Martin Luther King’s speech “I have a dream” , and as the movement “Black Lives Matter” is growing  world while, a true racism is unpopular.

Cheating by pretending not to be racist is , as a consequence, necessary.

We can observe this phenomenon, not only in the  USA, but also in Europe.

Populist leaders cheat to the media on their policy; nobody is no more racist.

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