Photo Challenge: Frame

via Photo Challenge: Frame

A frame of two  photos: two victims of wars

The world is framing with injustice and indifference; it is a world at war, which should make us remember of young Anne Franck, as posted the “New York Times” in its issue of August, 25th.

Syrian War, which is now a genocide , such as this undertook by the Nazis in the 40th, is not recognized with the sympathy that knew the Jews.

Anne Franck’s book alerted the world as soon as its publication; by now, in the time of the internet, and   world while communication, Syrian children don’t know this movement in favor of them.

However,  the Declaration of the Rights of Children is formal on this point:all children deserve our attention and caring.It ‘s being decades since the end of WWII and Anne Franck’s death; the Syrian girl of the photo is alive.

The challenge of the framing of our world is to keep her alive, educated, not under the power of Assad or ISIS.

Photos of the header under copyright of the New York Times,

Today, framing the world is action and remembrance: the fight for human rights is always framing the world.


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