Russia bombs whole Syria

The United Nations have now taken a new Resolution, relating to the situation in Aleppo.

But this town , despite the humanitarian disaster it represents, is not alone, and the National Coalition of Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces warms that the whole territory of Syria is ignored.

Yet, Russia targets regularly the whole land , the main cities , such as Homs, Daraya, Douma, and small locations.As a consequence, even if media don’t keep the public aware of this fact, Syria is continually under Russian shelling.

Assad ‘s regime , backed by Russian forces, have made of the country a land of ruins, of tunnels ,  and civilians , those who didn’t flee, are gravely injured.

Everyday, the Opposition Forces fight to protect civilians under Russian bombs.The number of dead and injured ,across Syria, is becoming alerting.

The United Nations , which discovered Aleppo thanks to the activism of Syrian of the diaspora, and of NGOs such as Human Rights Watch, are still not aware that the other towns are shelled, besieged, and that Russia, with its powerful army, is destroying  a territory, killing and injuring civilians.

This post is founded on an alert issued by the National Coalition of Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces; the reader can find the link below:

Picture of the header under copyright of the Coalition.

Blindness and silence are complicity.





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